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Any Course

You can easily add any course. Simply click on every Tee and Cup. Dog-legs can also be added. From these positions, T2Cup calculates:

  • Hole Lengths
  • Hole Pars
  • Course Par

Handicap Tracker

T2Cup automatically calculates and tracks your handicap. USA, European and UK handicap systems are all tracked.


Local weather conditions are continuously fetched for every course. Whenever you play, these weather conditions are factored into every shot.

Hole Flyovers

Take a tour from Tee to Cup over every hole of every course. It's as if you were riding in a helicopter.

Simple Score Entry

Adding scores is as simple as clicking on Google Maps where you played each shot from.
Tee and Hole positions can be moved for each round.

Virtual Golf Engine

The Virtual Golf Engine simulates the flight of your ball, taking into account the following:

  • Temperature
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Precipitation
  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Club Parameters (head loft, shaft length, cor, mass)
  • Elevation Change (uphill or downhill)
  • Ball Roll (fairway, green, rough)

Extensive Stats

More than 200 stats on all aspects of your game are generated automatically.

  • Individual Hole Stats
  • Round summary
  • Approach shots
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Averages
  • Individual Clubs

Automatically share your stats with your followers.

Course Management

T2Cup performs Course Management by planning a route from tee to cup for any course.

The Virtual Golf Engine plays all combinations of shots, using all your clubs, to find the optimal combination.

It can do this for any course - even if you have never played there before!