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Score Editor Help

Start a new round.

To enter shots for a new round, start by clicking the clubhouse icon. This will allow you to enter the Date and Time you began the round.

If weather data is available, 4 icons will appear on the right hand side.

These tell you at a glance the sky conditions, temperature, wind speed, wind direction and relative humidity.
You can also tweet a summary of the round including key statistics to all of your followers on Twitter

Club Selection

Click the tee to place your first shot and you will see details of the current conditions and the shot to be played.

One of the main features of T2Cup is subtly at work here. Your personal virtual caddy chooses the best club for YOU for every shot. Club selection is based upon the two categories:

1. How you play

The virtual caddy learns your game by analyzing every shot. It calculates the average distance you hit each club and also how consistent you are with each club.

2. Environmental Conditions

There are many factors that influence how far your ball travels. All are taken into account when calculating distances but the two main factors are elevation change (uphill / downhill) and wind speed/direction.

This information is summarized by the Plays Like and Success values. Plays Like is the effective distance taking into account all environmental factors. Success is the chance of you making the shot, based upon your personal shot history.

So as you enter more data the default club selection will more accurately tell you what club you should or should have played.

Hole Out

When you are ready to finish the hole, click "Hole Out". This will let you choose how many shots it took you to hole out from the current position.

You will then see a summary of all shots played at this hole before moving on to the next tee.


As you complete each hole, the scorecard will update with basic statistics, such as Fairway Hit, green in Regulation and Number of Putts.

When you have completed all 18 holes you can include this round towards your handicap. Another option you will see is the possibility of tweeting a summary of you round including detailed statistics to your followers.